In March 2013, the Department of Medical Biology was established. In 2014, it was officially renamed the School of Biology and Engineering. The Institute has integrated the advantages of various disciplines in our school, taking transforming medicine as the main line, based on Guizhou, looking at the whole country and facing the world, and devoted itself to biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and chemical biology. field development. Cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial applied talents to serve our province's biomedical health undertakings and local bio-economic construction. It has a master's degree in biomedical science and has undertaken more than 10 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the Governor's Fund, the Provincial Science Fund, the Provincial Education Department, and the Provincial Health Department. The research funding is about 11 million yuan. It has formed stable research directions such as "basic research and application development of dendritic cells", "ecological immunity and utilization of medical insects", "medicinal plant biotechnology" and "medical signal detection and analysis".

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